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Important Dates
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23rd February
Afternoon Prayer 2.10pm

27th February
Stamp Out Bullying
School Performance

2nd March
Cluster Sports Day - Upper Primary
Afternoon Prayer 2.10pm

9th March
Afternoon Assembly 2.10pm

22nd March
Easter Barefoot Bowls Family Night



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Afternoon Prayer in the Church
and Assembly at 2.10pm
alternating Friday afternoons

All welcome to attend


Tuesday - 2nd break for snacks only
Orders required for Friday
Friday - 1st break for pre-orders & snacks

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Welcome to our website.....

St Augustine’s School, Mossman, shadowed by the magnificent Mt Demi, is situated 76 kilometres north of Cairns within a rural farming community on the edge of the naturally beautiful Daintree Rainforest and the lush green vegetation of Mossman Gorge. In addition, the popular beaches of the tourist town of Port Douglas are only 16 kilometres to its south.

St. Augustine's is a Catholic primary school catering for boys and girls from Prep to Year 6. St Augustine’s prides itself on being a Catholic Learning Community built on the traditions of the Sisters of Mercy who commenced the school in 1934. With a school enrolment of 190 students St Augustine’s is inspired by its founders and espouses its motto of Together in Faith – Learning for Life.

Saying of Catherine McAuley In creating a learning environment open to all students who seek to share in our values, we are witnessing to a faith, alive and purposeful, in a changing and challenging world.  

We welcome you to our community of St Augustine’s School and we would be delighted to have you join us as we strive for excellence in educational practice and the valuing of the dignity and sacredness of each student, staff and parent.

I invite you to browse our website so that you can learn more about our great school of St Augustine’s. 

Mr Paul Rayner - Principal

Community News - Yulmburral

In responding to feedback from parents and caregivers we have moved our Parent-Teacher interviews to Weeks 6 and 7. In this way student affirmation and/or concerns are addressed earlier rather than towards the end of the term. By the end of this week parents will have taken the opportunity to book interviews through the PTO link on the Parent Portal. I would encourage all parents/caregivers to bring their child to the interviews so that each child can participate in the conversation and take ownership of the matters discussed. Participation in these interviews are critical for supporting all aspects of student growth.

There are some amazing creatures roaming the STEM lab! Armadillos, maned wolves, anacondas, capybaras, poisonous dart frogs and jaguars all gathered together to compare adaptations to the habitats in which they live. Checkout the photos of the masks created by the Preps-2’s. The children really produced an interesting collection that is displayed in the STEM room. They will now go on to create their own creatures by drawing and colouring on paper. Each junior class will be divided into 3 habitats - desert, jungle or ocean and will design an animal according to their habitat. The animals will be cut out and laminated for longevity and placed in an appropriate habitat background created by the students. Years 3-6 have reached the design stage of their new species and have invented some truly strange creatures with incredible adaptations blended from researching creatures found in their nominated habitat. The older students are expected to focus on how their new species structure and behaviour helps it to survive and provide scientific details. The new species is to be drawn on poster paper and labelled, photographed and uploaded to use in a presentation online. The students will then make a model of their new species to display. This will involve measurement and engineering design techniques. I am looking forward to seeing these strange and wonderful creatures come to fruition over the next weeks. Stay tuned!

Stem News      Stem News


Thank you to the enthusiastic parents who participated in the informal P & F get together on Wednesday evening at the Mossman Bowls Club. My understanding is that many wonderful ideas were discussed and developed at this brainstorming event. The challenge is for the P & F Executive and the School Leadership team to take the suggestions and develop a strategy to bring many of the proposed ideas into reality, so the children of our school benefit from the various initiatives.

If you have some great ideas, but are unable to attend. Please email us your suggestions or talk to one of our P&F executive members – we would love to hear them. Email:

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