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24th October
School Board Meeting 5.30pm

25th October
Prep 2018 Information
Evening 6pm

27th October

Year 6 Low Isles excursion
World Teacher's Day

23rd November
6pm End of Year Awards
and Christmas Concert

1st December

9.30am Year 6 Farewell Celebration

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Afternoon Prayer in the Church
and Assembly at 2.10pm
alternating Friday afternoons

All welcome to attend


Tuesday - 2nd break for snacks only
Orders required for Friday
Friday - 1st break for pre-orders & snacks

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Welcome to our website.....

St Augustine’s School, Mossman, shadowed by the magnificent Mt Demi, is situated 76 kilometres north of Cairns within a rural farming community on the edge of the naturally beautiful Daintree Rainforest and the lush green vegetation of Mossman Gorge. In addition, the popular beaches of the tourist town of Port Douglas are only 16 kilometres to its south.

St. Augustine's is a Catholic primary school catering for boys and girls from Prep to Year 6. St Augustine’s prides itself on being a Catholic Learning Community built on the traditions of the Sisters of Mercy who commenced the school in 1934. With a school enrolment of 190 students St Augustine’s is inspired by its founders and espouses its motto of Together in Faith – Learning for Life.

Saying of Catherine McAuley In creating a learning environment open to all students who seek to share in our values, we are witnessing to a faith, alive and purposeful, in a changing and challenging world.  

We welcome you to our community of St Augustine’s School and we would be delighted to have you join us as we strive for excellence in educational practice and the valuing of the dignity and sacredness of each student, staff and parent.

I invite you to browse our website so that you can learn more about our great school of St Augustine’s. 

Mr Paul Rayner - Principal

Community News - Yulmburral

Welcome back to a busy Term 4 in the STEM lab. It’s all hands on deck to learn about the wonderful world of Weather. The Preps-2’s have been introduced to the mystery of clouds. How they form, what they are made of and how on earth do they stay up in the air, if one cloud can weigh more than a 100 elephants!!!!!!! To finish off our cloud episode the children used their fine motor skills to create 3D representations of the 3 major types of cloud-cumulus, stratus and cirrus. We also made a cloud in a jar, which was really awesome.

Continuing on with our weather investigation in Week 2, we brain-stormed how we think Tornados develop and then students watched how tornadoes are formed and actual footage of these dangerous systems in action. The children were absolutely fascinated and everyone was able to watch the ‘tornado in a bottle or jar’ demonstration I had prepared and have a go too. These fun experiments can easily be done at home!
The Years 3-6 students are all involved in an Inquiry-based Research Task which culminates in week 8 with a presentation of their work. All parents are invited to come, we hope you can!

Each class has been divided into groups of 3 or 4 with whom they will work for the remainder of STEM sessions. Using prepared task sheets to guide them, each group must develop a question about Weather that interests them as well as being linked to real world issues or problems. For example- How is global warming impacting the frequency of tornados in American communities or Tsunamis, and Cyclones in Australia? This is just one of many questions the children have come up with. They are all engaged and it is inspiring to see so many young minds learning about issues that are directly related to their future.

Students are provided with devices to research and support to guide their inquiries. Their presentations can be in many different forms and I am really looking forward to seeing the end results of their study and imaginations. Look out for any memos that might be sent home to help with recyclable resources to use to create scale models, sculptures, dioramas etc. All final presentations must show evidence of the 4 components of STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Until next time…..


Prep enrolments are almost complete and application for enrolments will close at the end of this month. A Prep Information Night will occur on Wednesday 25th October. Details will be forwarded to all applicants.


Year 6 parents have been sent details regarding the Farewell Assembly. A copy of this letter will be available through the Parent Portal. Year 6 Low Isles excursion is occurring on Friday 27th October.


World Teacher Day occurs on Friday 27th October. This important day allows us to recognise, affirm and celebrate the great work teachers undertake in contribute to the lives of children in our care. 

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